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Illinois enforces parking spaces for the disabled during the vacation – NBC Chicago

The Illinois Secretary of State’s office has begun enforcing the parking spaces reserved for people with disabilities during the holiday season.

The Secretary of State’s police carried out spike operations in malls in Schaumburg, Springfield and Fairview Heights on Friday and will aggressively enforce the law nationwide in the coming weeks.

Democratic Secretary of State Jesse White leads the 14th year program, which begins on Thanksgiving weekends.

Individuals can report violations by calling the State Department or filing a report online.

White said his intention is not to increase the number of tickets issued but to keep the seats free for those who need them.

“Illegally parking in a parking lot reserved for people with disabilities means potential driver license revocation and a hefty fine,” White said. “If you don’t belong there, don’t park there.”

Disabled parking is available for those who have received an official sign from White’s office. Abuse could result in six months of driver license disqualification and a $ 600 fine. Repeat offenders face more severe penalties. Fraudulent use of a dead person’s poster could result in a $ 2,500 fine and a year-long license revocation.

There are currently 530,498 drivers with disability posters in Illinois.

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