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Illinois County Failed To Confiscate IDs, Guns From 20,000 With Revoked Licenses

Nearly 20,000 Cook County, Illinois residents are walking around with revoked firearm owner’s identification cards, with illegal guns presumably in their homes, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. According to county police, “manpower” issues are the main reason the revoked cards are still in the hands of potentially dangerous people.

Since 2013, a team of six officers and one sergeant have gone to the homes of those whose FOID cards have been revoked, recovering 881 guns in those efforts. Around 33,000 Cook County residents’ firearm owner’s identification cards have been revoked because of violent felony convictions, domestic violence charges or serious mental health issues, but “nearly 20,000” have not turned in their cards. Of those 20,000 with revoked cards, a little over 1,800 are subjects of “clear and present danger” reports compiled by the Illinois State Police. Those reports can bar applicants from receiving a FOID card or be used to revoke a current one.

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