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gov. Pritzker hosts President Biden at Chicago DNC fundraiser: Top ticket $365,000

WASHINGTON—Gov. JB Pritzker and the Democratic Party will host a high dollar fundraising reception with President Joe Biden in Chicago on Wednesday evening, with the top ticket price $365,000, the Sun-Times has learned.

The event, to raise campaign cash for the Democratic National Committee in advance of the midterm elections, will be Pritzker’s first in-person fundraiser with Biden in Chicago.

The money goes to the DNC’s Grassroots Victory Fund, to be divided mainly between the DNC and state parties—including in Illinois—to help elect Democrats to Congress.

The White House announced last week Biden will be in Chicago on Wednesday to keynote the 40th International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers International Convention.

On Sunday, the White House said Biden will also travel to Kankakee to visit a family farm to “discuss the impact of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine on food supply and prices at home and abroad, and the Biden-Harris Administration’s efforts to give farmers the tools and resources they need to boost domestic food production.

“The President will deliver remarks on Putin’s Price Hike and his Administration’s actions to support farmers and food processors, lower their costs and lower prices for families.”

The White House “Putin Price Hike” language signals how Biden’s team, faced with inflation that could help cripple Democratic election prospects in November, is now framing the messaging to blame Putin and the war he is waging against Ukraine, for price spikes.

The White House, in a briefing for reporters last week, previewed economic recovery themes Biden is likely to discuss in Illinois — from job creation to manufacturing growth.

The White House also said Biden will attend a Democratic National Committee fundraiser while in Chicago. The Sun-Times obtained a copy of the invitation and the price levels:

*$365,000 to be a “sponsor.”

*$250,000 to be a “leader.”

*$100,000 to be a “supporter.”

These top three levels get a donor into a small meeting — called a “clutch” in fundraising — with Biden plus a photo.

*$50,000 to be an “advocate.”

*$25,000 to be an “attendee.”

Donors at these levels get a photo with the president — no clutch.

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