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Evanston Made will host the Christmas market in the former Urban Outfitters retail space

This Christmas season, Evanston Made is hosting Shop Evanston Made, a Christmas market at the former Urban Outfitters site at 921 Church St. in downtown Evanston. The storefront is owned by GW Properties, which is partnering with Evanston Made and Downtown Evanston to create a vibrant, artsy experience for all ages in November and December.

GW Properties donates 13,000 square feet of vacant retail space to Evanston Made for the project. “We are always on the lookout for creative uses of our space that go beyond pure rental contract security. Evanston Made has a track record of helping hundreds of creatives in this market, and we want to help their work make a difference, ”said Mitch Goltz of GW Properties.

The Christmas market features meet the Makers evenings, film screenings, art demos, live music and more, as well as art and handcrafted goods from Evanston Made members. The programming calendar will be available at evanstonmade.org.

Annie Coakley, Executive Director of Downtown Evanston said, “This is an ideal partnership. Evanston Made members are enthusiastic and connected in the community, so they will attract huge crowds to the market. ”

Evanston Made has hosted numerous community art events and markets and is excited to fill the 13,000 square feet with art, handcrafted goods and other creative experiences. In February 2021, Evanston Made worked with Canal Shores Golf Course to create the first “Winter Wonderland,” which featured curated art installations throughout the golf course in trees and on the greens. Hundreds of community members created and researched art in nature.

“Evanston Made can use any space to create opportunities for artists and creative entrepreneurs to connect with new audiences. We are grateful to GW Properties for this opportunity to offer a unique shopping and art experience this holiday season, ”said Lisa Degliantoni, Executive Director of Evanston Made.

Evanston Made will announce further details about the Christmas Pop-Up Market and the special event on evanstonmade.org as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

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