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Cook County on track to have the most carjackings in 2 decades

CHICAGO (AP) – The Illinois borough, which includes Chicago, has seen more car thefts this year than it has in two decades, according to a published report.

By late September, Cook County had nearly 44% more carjackings that year than the same period last year, when the number was also high, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

There were nearly 1,400 car theft victims in Cook County that year. Most of the carjackings took place on the West Side of Chicago. To address the problem, the Chicago Police Department has expanded a carjacking task force that includes Cook County authorities, the Illinois State Police, and the FBI.

More than two thirds of the victims were men. The most talked about vehicle model was the Toyota Camry, followed by the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Suburban Chicago Anthony Jones was a victim driving in Oak Park in January. He was shot and hospitalized for six days. He has severe retinal damage.

Months later, a man was charged with several violent crimes, including the shooting of Jones.

Jones said he replaced one of the windows on his car that was shattered by a bullet.

“Yeah, I’m still driving it,” Jones told the newspaper. “But I’m a little more careful.”

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