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Community Helps Chicago Police Track Down Man Accused of Punching Dog on Video – NBC Chicago

Multiple people are being credited for helping police find the individual seen on video repeatedly punching a dog in the city’s Lincoln Park community, according to authorities.

As first reported by Block Club Chicago, a man was captured on video Sept. 22 bringing his van to a screeching halt, grabbing a dog from the trunk by its neck, taking it outside the vehicle and repeatedly punching the animal.

“I found it to be abhorrent that a man in the middle of the day would take a dog and fling it across the street and then start savagely beating it,” said Paula Conrad, who lives near where the attack occurred. “If this is how he’s behaving in public toward a defenseless, innocent animals, what are his interactions with children, seniors, people with disabilities?”

According to Chicago police, the suspect, Jose Orlando Cartegna, 28, of Hammond, Indiana, was arrested on a misdemeanor count of animal cruelty.

“It’s ridiculous that would be a misdemeanor charge,” said Conrad. “I know that’s not up to the police but there should be stronger sentencing…I hope that includes jail time, and police are going to be able to keep an eye on this guy now.”

On Sunday, the man brought the dog to MedVet in the city’s Avondale neighborhood to be euthanized, Block Club Chicago reported, and was recognized by someone who noticed his van and called police.

“It shows the community, the media really played a part,” Conrad added. “Obviously, police came together and able to find and stop this man and at least get the dog into a safe place right now.”

NBC 5 reached out to the veterinarian’s office for an update on the dog’s condition, but had yet to hear back as of Monday afternoon.

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