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Chicago travel warning expanded to 14 states with rising COVID-19 cases; Lollapalooza is still active | Government and politics

The nation’s top health agency is expected to step back from its masking guidelines on Tuesday, recommending that even vaccinated people wear masks indoors in parts of the US where the coronavirus is rising, a federal official said. The officer spoke on condition of anonymity because the person was not authorized to release the data. For much of the pandemic, the CDC advised Americans to wear masks outdoors when they were within 6 feet of each other. Then in April, when vaccination rates soared, the agency relaxed its guidelines on wearing masks outdoors, which said that fully vaccinated Americans no longer had to cover their faces unless they were in a large crowd of strangers. In May, the instructions for fully vaccinated people were further relaxed so that they are no longer allowed to wear masks in crowds and in most indoor spaces. The guidance continued to call for the wearing of masks in crowded indoor spaces such as buses, airplanes, hospitals, prisons and homeless shelters, but it paved the way for reopening jobs and other venues. Subsequent CDC guidance said that fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear masks even in summer camps or schools. SEE MORE: Vaccinated Teachers and Students Don’t Need Masks, CDC COVID cases, deaths and hospital admissions have been steadily declining for months, but those trends began to change early in summer when a mutated and more transmissible version of the coronavirus called the Delta -Variant, widespread, especially in areas with lower vaccination In recent weeks, more and more cities and towns have restored the rules for masking indoor spaces. St. Louis, Savannah, Georgia, and Provincetown, Massachusetts are among the places to see masking requirements again this month. Additional coverage from the Associated Press.

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