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Chicago Shootout: Cook County Attorney Kim Foxx Calls Mayor Lightfoot’s Comments On The Shootout “Inappropriate”, “Incorrect”

CHICAGO (WLS) – Cook County State Attorney Kim Foxx called Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s testimony of handling a fatal shooting incident “inappropriate” and “false”.

Foxx said that as a prosecutor, she does not negotiate cases in the media.

“That’s because we, as prosecutors, recognize that when our words are made public, they can be used as both defense and jurors to establish the credibility of our evidence,” Foxx said.

The announcement comes amid criticism of Foxx’s office following the prosecution’s decision to dismiss charges of a fatal gang-related shootout in the Austin neighborhood last week.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot spoke on Monday calling on Foxx to reverse her office’s decision on the case.

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“If they don’t feel that the criminal justice system is holding them accountable, we will see a level of audacity that will throw the city into chaos, and we cannot allow that,” the mayor said on Monday.

Foxx said there wasn’t enough evidence to support the crime charge, and police said those arrested refused to tell them anything. But Lightfoot, herself a former prosecutor, believes there is evidence of a case.

“I think there is evidence. We have a videotape, we have a tagged group of uniformed officers that were there to watch it, ”she said. “At least the people who started the firefight must be prosecuted.”

On Tuesday, Foxx defended her office’s decision following the mayor’s comments, saying some of her statements were incorrect.

“It was inappropriate,” said Foxx. “It was wrong. As a prosecutor who understands the oath and as a former prosecutor who discusses the facts of this case in the press without using any evidence, this is a disservice to the communities affected by this violence. Our job is not just that to make an arrest, but also to obtain a conviction. In order to obtain a conviction, we must ensure that the evidence is held with the highest integrity. “

During a budget meeting with city councilors on Monday, police admitted that despite the city POD camera recording, the shooting took place between so-called “mutual combatants” and that it is difficult to see who fired first and who may have acted themselves -Defense, but agree with the mayor who says that all involved should be charged.
At her press conference on Tuesday, Foxx called for a meeting between her, the mayor, and Area Five police officers who she accused of mishandling high-profile investigations over the past few weeks and then revealing information that would make her office look bad.

Cook County prosecutors came under fire last week after making a similar argument after a teenage boy was stabbed to death in a brawl in suburban Schaumburg. The victim’s family, 18-year-old Manuel Porties Jr., later told WGN that prosecutors specifically said they would not accuse the 17-year-old suspect of murder because the deadly fight was a mutual battle.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report

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