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Often the best Twitter feed for Chicago Police and public safety documentation and commentary is Twitter.com/Chicago_Scanner


460.200 Chicago Police – Dispatch Zone 8 – Districts 4 6 460.400 Chicago Police – Dispatch Zone 6 – Districts 7 8 460.450 Chicago Police – Dispatch Zone 13 – Districts 9 12 460.075 Chicago Police – Dispatch Zone 7 – District 3 460.100 Chicago Police – Dispatch Zone 10 – Districts 10 11 460.150 Chicago Police – Dispatch Zone 4 – Districts 1 18 460.475 Chicago Police – Dispatch Zone 1 – Districts 16 17 460.225 Chicago Police – Dispatch Zone 3 – Districts 13 14 460.425 Chicago Police – Dispatch Zone 12 – Districts 15 25 460.050 Chicago Police – Dispatch Zone 2 – Districts 19 23 460.375 Chicago Police – Dispatch Zone 11 – Districts 20 24 460.250 Chicago Police – Citywide 6 460.125 Chicago Police – Citywide 1 460.300 Chicago Police – Citywide 7 460.175 Chicago Police – Citywide 2


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Cardinal Note: As of June 5, 2013 — up to and including the date of this article — police incidents related to the police departments from Arlington Heights, Buffalo Grove, Elk Grove Village, Mount Prospect, Palatine, Prospect Heights, Rolling Meadows, Schaumburg and Streamwood are not reported in real time or within a prompt time period. Cook County Sheriff’s Police Department encrypted at an earlier date. Police protecting their realm of investigation and police activity, have chosen to use secret military-grade encrypted radios to withhold their police communications, which were previously open to the public and news media via monitoring of public safety scanning radios — with no known negative results locally .

The delayed knowledge or entirely blacked out knowledge resulting from encrypted police communications may protect certain police operations and investigations, but it also puts the public at risk in situations such as when armed and dangerous offenders are at large and when other similar situations occur, such as when desperate offenders of property crimes are eluding police. In other cases, the delayed or blacked out information inhibits or prohibits the possibility of the public providing early witness accounts before a criminal trail goes cold. Citizens are much more likely to recognize or recall suspicious or criminal activity if they are aware of the criminal incident within minutes or hours of its occurrence. The most serious incident involving dire results would be a trail that is allowed to go cold in the case of child abduction.

The lack of real time information from public police dispatch also weakens an effective neighborhood watch program mostly working to prevent property loss, but also working to prevent possible violent crimes.

Lack of real time information from police dispatch also delays public awareness or eliminates public awareness of disasters, hazardous materials incidents, general hazards and traffic or other situations in everyday living in an otherwise economically thriving community. Without public police dispatch, reports of damage and dangers in the community, or emergency traffic situations causing blocked roads or congested roads are unreliable and inconsistent — or sometimes not revealed at all.

Police have alternate ways to transmit tactical, operational or investigative information, while still keeping their main public dispatch channels open for the best balance of a trusting partnership of community-police relations, public safety and police safety.

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