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Chicago Bears send message with incorrect jersey to David Montgomery

Chicago Bears – Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports

Arguably the best offensive line combination for the Chicago Bears vs Vikings by Rob Schwarz Jr

Wow. The Chicago Bears are having a rough couple of weeks. They started out 1-0 vs the 49ers despite no one giving them a chance. Then, they lost to the Packers as expected. They barely beat the Texans and then lost a game to the Giants due to field goals and no touchdowns. The team is 2-2 and not expected to beat the Vikings today (already down 21-10). Well, to make matters worse, someone missed David Montgomery’s name.

Yes, that’s right. David Montgomery saw his name spelled incorrectly on the back of his jersey. Maybe, it was because he was out and not expected to be back so soon. Did someone have to rush the jersey production? I’m obviously kidding, but how do you not spell one of the best starters on your team’s name correctly? A player who has been here for the last three years?

David Montgomery saw his Chicago Bears jersey misspelled vs the Vikings

What if this was a message by Ryan Poles? Is he trying to tell David Montgomery in a subtle way that he doesn’t value him as a running back and won’t be re-signing him after the 2022 season? This is clearly another joke here by me but when you spell Montgomery as Montgomery that’s a joke in itself.

It appears that this team is a joke too. We knew there was a talent issue here in Chicago but this is absurd. The defense hasn’t been this bad until this week and I know Jaylon Johnson is out again, but Alan Williams and Matt Eberflus are the brains of the defense and it’s clearly not working as well as they expected.

This team is getting hard to watch. Especially when Brian Daboll’s Giants just beat the Packers earlier this morning to go 4-1 on the year. The Chicago Bears went defensive-minded for their head coach instead of sticking with an offensive-minded head coach. It’s the extreme overreaction we should have expected from this Bears organization though. I loved the Ryan Poles hire and he wanted Eberflus, but is he making the big mistake at head coach that we saw Ryan Pace make? Again, is this team just cursed? New owners any time soon?

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