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Booster Shot Debate, Trick-or-Treat Guide – NBC Chicago

A panel of independent advisors initiates the first phase of the decision-making process as to whether additional doses of Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines should be given, and if so, who should receive them and when.

Chicago is also releasing new trick-or-treat guidelines ahead of Halloween.

Here’s What You Need To Know About The Illinois Coronavirus Pandemic Today:

This is why the debate about Moderna and J&J Booster Shot differs from Pfizer

An external panel of experts from the Food and Drug Administration is meeting this week to decide whether additional doses of the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines should be allowed, and if so, who should receive them and when – but there are two factors that make it difficult Reason.

Last month, the FDA approved booster shots of the Pfizer vaccine for older Americans and other groups at increased susceptibility to COVID-19. Regulators took up the issue of Pfizer boosters first because the company put its data in front of the other vaccine makers.

Both Moderna and Johnson & Johnson have filed requests to have their emergency booster vaccines of the COVID vaccines approved, but each with their own changes.

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“Hell No”: Head of the Chicago Police Union calls on police officers to oppose the vaccination mandate

The chairman of the Chicago Police Officers Union has urged its members to oppose the city’s obligation to report their COVID-19 vaccination status by Friday or be put on unpaid leave, and predicts a shortage of officers as the mandate comes on goes into effect this weekend.

In a two-hour meeting with more than 200 members in attendance on Wednesday evening, Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara said Lodge 7 was ready for a fight.

“Damn, no, is the best way I can express it down the line,” he told members.

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Moderna, J&J Booster Shots: What You Should Know As an FDA Panel Meeting

The first step in getting booster vaccinations approved for millions of Americans who have received COVID vaccines from Moderna and Johnson & Johnson begins Thursday when a panel of outside experts from the Food and Drug Administration meets to determine its recommendation.

Last month, the FDA approved booster shots of the Pfizer vaccine for older Americans and other groups at increased susceptibility to COVID-19.

Here’s what you should know about booster shots and what to expect.

Chicago publishes 9 guidelines for trick or treating this Halloween

As Halloween approaches, Chicago officials released nine guidelines in the final week of October for people to attend Halloween celebrations, including trick or treating.

Chicago’s Halloweek runs from October 23 to October 30, according to a release from city officials and includes nine important COVID-19 precautionary guidelines.

Here is the city’s guide to Halloweek.

CTU hosts vaccination events for teachers, CPS staff

The Chicago Teachers Union will hold two vaccination events this week “to encourage unvaccinated workers to get their vaccination.”

The first event is on Thursdays from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at CTU headquarters on 1901 W. Carroll Ave. A second will take place at the same time and on Friday.

The event aims to vaccinate any CTU or SEIU members who have not yet received the COVID vaccine.

PCR vs. Rapid Tests: What You Should Know About COVID Testing in Illinois

With positive COVID-19 cases continuing across Illinois, residents have been searching for the latest information on PCR and rapid coronavirus tests.

From how long it takes to get test results to recommending health authorities to get tested for COVID, here’s what we know.

No changes were made to the Chicago Travel Advisory after the delay; 6 locations near the move

After a delay due to the long holiday weekend, Chicago’s travel advice remained unchanged this week, but city officials say up to six locations could be crossed off the list next week.

The weekly updated advisory is still in 47 states and three territories after a final look at the data, but the Chicago Department of Health said six states and territories could be released next week.

These include Alabama, District of Columbia, Florida, Hawaii, Massachusetts, and the Virgin Islands.

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How long after exposure do the COVID symptoms appear? That’s what doctors say

COVID positive people have reported fever, cough, shortness of breath, and many other symptoms associated with the virus.

But how long does it take for symptoms to appear when a person is exposed? And when is COVID most transmissible?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the incubation period, the time from exposure to symptoms, is two to 14 days after initial exposure. Scientists warn, however, “the infectious time” for COVID-19 is not yet known with certainty.

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