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5 positions the Chicago Bears need to address in the 2022 offseason

The Chicago Bears have yet to hire their general manager or head coach, but once they do, the duo will have plenty of work to do with a roster that Ryan Pace left somewhat empty. There was a nice parting gift that is Justin Fields, but there are many holes in other areas.

What are five positions the Chicago Bears need to achieve this offseason?

5. Defender

Roquan Smith was voted one of the top five linebackers in the NFL, but that’s not quite enough to say the team is done at the position. They still signed Danny Trevathan, but they might be willing to eat up some space on the cap to get away from the aging and injury-prone Trevathan.

That’s reason enough to consider this a requirement item even with him on the list. The team will also lose Alec Ogletree, who substituted for Trevathan. Ogletree has been up and down but was a desperate signing late in training camp and there are many thoughts they could find an upgrade over time.

What was once a position of strength with a lot of depth has slowly become Roquan Smith and a bunch of question marks.

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